Inspirallumination Introduces The Orbifold Tarot

Not your average Joe, this is caffeine for your soul. In this Special Issue Expand Your Consciousness with the Soon To Be Released Orbifold Tarot.

A tool so unique and profound in it's use of elements and numbers and yet so simple and approachable that it will change the way you open Divine Conversations. For the tarot professional and non-tarot reader alike, the Orbifold has a gift within for every one who chooses to experience it.


Expand Your Consciousness with the Orbifold
by Loreen Muzik

See Yourself in Elements and Sacred Geometry
by MarciaAnn Leibrand

Psychic Cafe Interviews The Creator of The Orbifold
with Christiana Gaudet

Exploring A Revolutionary Tarot
with Enrique Enriquez

Short Musings With The Orbifold
by Creator, Michael Bridge-Dickson

The Orbifold Reviewed
by Sotiris Dandanas

Creating Orbifold Mandalas
excerpt from Benebell Wen

An Orbifold Sonnet
by Marjorie Jensen
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